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Lorenzo Ghini Photo
Lorenzo Ghini Photo

Hello, world. I hope this story helps you better understand who I am and what I do in life. So let’s start with order: I’m Lorenzo, 32 y.o. working in London as Senior Digital Marketing Consultant for Rich Clicks, an award-winning web agency with Italian heart and English organisation based in Bermondsey. I have been living and working in this city since the beginning of 2017 but my journey started in Toscana, from one of its most fascinating and characteristic cities: Massa Marittima.

Massa Marittima is a town of just over 6,000 people, a medieval village where everyone knows and greet each other by name: one of those where you never feel alone.

Although I have rarely found the same warmth and kindness in the cities I lived in, it is undeniable that since a very early age I developed an innate passion for travelling.

In fact, it is the age of 15 that I first moved to Follonica, then to San Vincenzo, (a city nearby Livorno), ended up spending my teen years away from my hometown.

It is in San Vincenzo where I attended the Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi and once I completed my degree, I moved (again) to Pisa in order to study Public Social and Business Communication at one of the local Universities.

Just one year after, Attending an Erasmus project which was integrated part of my degree, I had the great opportunity to spend a year abroad in Lisbon where I managed to not only become accustomed to such beautiful culture but also to learn Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

After I graduated in 2008, I felt the urge to follow my “travelling spirit” and ended up booking a flight to NYC, where I stayed for over six months making a living working as a waiter for an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. An experience that has enriched and strengthened me.

Returning from New York I joined the Master in Technologies for Human Communication at University of Italian Switzerland in Ticino. I entered the world of computer science, marketing and communication, and my goal was to bring the digital world’s knowledge into journalism. I did not know I would have arrived, but much later.

In February 2010 I started the first Stage as Junior Online Manager for Ticinoinfo SA, an e-tourism consultancy agency based in Bellinzona (near the headquarters of Ticino Tourism ). Later I worked for Ticino Turismo for two and a half years at the beginning with the role of Online Manager and later as Web Project Manager. I’ve been busy relaunching the website, creating the iPhone application, and implementing the promotion strategy in conjunction with Google Zurich consultancy. After the experience in the field of tourism I have faced a lot of business (precious metals refining) by treating the reshaping of the website desktop and responsive and coordinating online promotion for Valcambi SA . During this time I also had the opportunity to implement the communication strategy for a e-commerce portal to be joined to the Valcambi institutional site.

Meanwhile, my passion for communication within the world of new technologies grew together with my skills and abilities. For a short time, I have been working for 75% of the time at Valcambi as Digital Marketing Strategist and devoting 25% of the time to the communication and the intranet organisation of an active startup in the renewable energy sector in Chiasso (Biovolta SA).

In May 2014 I decided to shake my life (yes, I’ve always managed to make drastic decisions) and start a new personal and professional chapter by moving to Munich where I studied full time and learned the German language; later I moved to work in South Tyrol (Bressanone) for Brandnamic SRL , a full service marketing and communication agency with a focus on tourism (hotel & destination marketing). From the professional point of view one of the most difficult and intense challenges I have ever had; especially for the use of German language (a German dialect – to tell the truth – the South Tyroler).

Now I’m in London and I work for Rich Clicks with fantastic people that share my passion and from which I’m learning more than I can at a strategic level.