Usqp in AMP Pages: what is and how to filter the parameter with Google Analytics

find this Did you notice that for a while the statistics on Google Analytics of your pages in AMP contain a strange parameter? This is a parameter rencontre en ligne chicoutimi ?usqp= which is automatically added to pages using the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature. I've been surfing on various forums to try to figure out what's up to and there are several schools of thought.

usqp amp parameter

you could look here The most plausible (and most likely) option is that this is a parameter passed to the URL via the Google AMP caching system.

flirten kostenlos online Now, once the problem is discovered, one must understand how to do it. I do not think it's necessary to build a step-by-step guide; the easiest thing to do is postpone to the Youtube video contained in Anaytics Academy where it's explained how to set up an "find & replace" advanced filter. To make life easier for you, I'll embed your video in the exact minute explaining how to use this feature.

If you are a Google Analytics neophyte: 1) Go to Admin (Account) -> Click All Filters -> Click Add Filter (Apply Filter to Your Main View) -> Click on the tab Custom -> Select the Advanced radio button and paste the settings in the video screen.


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